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Dandruff is embarrassing for everyone and is a common problem during the winter season. I always get the question about dandruff, oily scalp, etc. and didn’t have great advice on how to help these scalp issues. My big awakening came when I started learning about the Natural Tech line with Davines and how it helps SCALP issues. I’ve always known what to do for hair, but not for the skin on the head. Now, I have wonderful news when I get asked these questions, I have found products that actually work great on the scalp and keep the hair healthy. These shampoos and treatments are sulfate and paraban free as well. Different products are recommended for different seasons and hair types because of the activities and weather. The Natural Tech series from Davines is a product and treatment system designed specifically to solve the most common problems of scalp and hair.


Let’s end your dandruff problems now! Puryfing shampoo and gel is your prescription.

The Purifying Shampoo from the Natural Tech Line is a part of a family of antiseptic, calming, preventitive and curative products for both dry and greasy dandruff. All of the formulas in this family contain phytoceuticals extracted from dandelions, rich in polyphenols and sugars, and with very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. The shampoo specifically contains selenium disulphide, which has an anti-bacterial action. Natural Tech Products are the perfect synergy between technology and nature. The Purifying family contain supplements and nourishing substances to fight a dandruff and dry scalp problem. The shampoo contains essential fatty acids which are necessary for the health of both the skin and scalp, iodine to improve capillary growth and scalp condition, minerals such as selenium to combat excessive dryness of the scalp, vitamin B and vitamin E to improve skin circulation and for the health of both the skin and hair.

Purifing gel

It is recommended to wash your hair often, using non-oily products and massaging the scalp before shampooing. It is not necessary to use the Purifying Shampoo every time you wash your hair; instead, for maximum results, you should alternate between the Purifying Shampoo and a neutral cleansing product.

Come see why we love Davines Natural Tech line at Bow & Arrow, in the North End of Boston. Visit our boutique salon and spa to see how you can benefit from a healthier scalp!

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