Kellyn’s advice for at home hair products and color maintenance

Importance of at home hair care and products

I can’t stress enough how using the right products will change your hair, your daily hair frustrations, breakage, brittleness, and all for the positive! So, what is the big difference in professional products? EVERYTHING! I’m going to break down the most important products to splurge on when it comes to buying professional products.


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Let’s start with the absolute musts when it comes to spending a little extra money. I like to say that when building your hair wardrobe, these are the steps to take. I know investing in everything all at once can be overwhelming. Here are the steps I would start with:

1. Professional Shampoo and Conditioner

I can’t stress enough that cheap shampoos and conditioners are not good for your hair! (They are also bad for your health.) Investing in a professional shampoo and conditioner is a definite when investing in your hair and wanting your hair to perform at home. Cheap shampoos I refer to as “Over the counter shampoos” and they can cause buildup, dryness, breakage, and damage to your hair. Listen to your stylist when it comes to suggestions, they know your hair and the brand that they are trained in the best!

My favorite shampoo and conditioner? Well, my favorite brand for these products are by far Davines. I can’t begin to tell you how I have seen the right shampoo/conditioner change a person’s hair and scalp for the better! Not only do they create wonderful shampoos and conditioners, but Davines themselves are unique to the beauty industry in many ways. This company’s mission is one that is true to which I live by, “BY CREATING BEAUTY SUSTAINABLY, WE ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES, OF THE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH THEY LIVE & WORK, OF THE THINGS THEY LOVE.”


2. Professional Blowdryer

Not just any blowdryer will do, a professional blowdryer is a must!! I have a blog post about the importance of knowing your tools and how they are made, but it goes further than that. Blowdryers can be damaging your hair significantly due to the direct heat. They will work faster, cause less damage, and maybe even make your hair healthier!

My favorite professional brand? BioIonic. I started researching hot tools last year and this brand has blown me away. I have had rave reviews from clients that are now using their blowdryer, flat irons, and curling irons. I can’t say enough good things! The more you use it, the healthier your hair will be. It is worth the investment and the tools will last much longer! It is light, powerful, and uses less energy.


3. Flat Iron/Curling Iron

I feel the same way about your other hot tools as I do with blowdryers. If you are spending most days using these tools, you need to be investing in them! No matter how little heat you think you are using on your hair, it will cause damage that is hard to reverse. When your hair is damaged it will loose the ability to curl, loose shine, have issues holding onto color, and many more problems. Spend the money and invest in professional tools!

My favorite? BioIonic again for both, this brand’s technology is amazing! I can’t say enough good things, really.


4. At home color maintenance shampoo and conditioners

If you are investing in professional color, why not use something to keep that color in longer? Seems simple, right? If you are a brunette, red head, blonde, or vivid color there I have answers for you!

Here are my favorite:

For Hair Color Blonde from cool and golden, Red cool and copper, and all Brunette’s, Davines makes a system called Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner that should be used once every 3 shampoos to maintain your color or add pigment to faded hair color.











I can’t say enough good things about Overtone!! I am so happy that I found this product for myself and my clients. It not only can stop your vivd hair color from fading at home by depositing the pigments you want, but it can also make your blonde hair pastel, vibrant, or extreme in every color imaginable (silver, pink, teal, blue, just to name a few)! Unicorns and mermaids unite!


I’ve had clients start their hair wardrobe by spending money on styling products and spending a lot of money on treatments in salon to get their hair in better shape. These products are great to invest in over time, but these are the 3 places to spend your money first. At home styling is everyday, you must have good products to maintain those beautiful locks. If you are using the wrong shampoo and conditioner your styling products (and other treatments) will never work properly. If you are damaging your hair every day with bad hot tools, you will be losing a constant battle. Believe me, your hair will thank you! You will add elasticity back to your hair, your hair will dry faster, and your color will last longer, and so many more positive things will happen. Trust me. 🙂



All products and tools are available at Bow & Arrow! We LOVE these brands! Come check them out.

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