Welcome Meghan and Rachel to the team!

We are thrilled to announce our newest team additions at Bow & Arrow!

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Rachel is our newest hair apprentice. She will be learning and developing her skills with Kellyn as a hairstylist and colorist.


Meghan is an eyelash extension specialist, brow perfecter, and makeup artist. She will be working on Mondays starting on Monday, September 19th. Her appointments are available online through our scheduling website. You can click on the services, at the bottom of the categories she has her services listed under “Services by Meghan.”



Her Services include:

Brow Tweeze

If you are looking for precision to your shape and a beautifully sculpted brow a brow tweeze is the way to go. You’ll get great attention to detail from start, arch & end.

Tweeze and Wax

If tweezing is too much for you but you still want brows that wow. We’ll wax first and tweeze the rest to a set of brows that equal success.

Please Note: (you cannot be waxed if you are currently using any retine, retinal, benzoyl peroxide,Acutaine or have recently had any chemical or laser peels.)

Brow Tint Add on or Stand Alone: Great by itself or Adds the perfect finishing touches to any tweeze or wax. For those of us who have lighter brows that need a little help standing out or grays that they wish to say goodbye to and want to give their brows a little more color and definition.

Lip Wax: Say goodbye to your stash and hello to a baby smooth upper lip! We will gently wax away those unwanted hairs leaving you whisker free and happy. It’s the perfect pairing to any brow service or is great on its own too.

Lash Tint: Don’t like mascara but want to give your lashes a shout out? Try a lash tint! Gives your eyes a pop without being over the top! Great for those of us that have light lashes that need a little help standing out.

Lash Extensions: Want your lashes to stand out or have some place fun to go???
Lash extensions are like your lashes only longer and are applied individually to your natural lash. These synthetic lashes will add the volume and length that you need to stand out in a crowd or get you to cat walk into your office. Choose the style that fits you best.

2 week fill:  1 hour (Only a little fall out)

3 week fill:  1 hour ½ (Medium to moderate. Fall out)
If you are loving your lashes and want to keep up with the look you will need to come in every two to three weeks to have them filled. Lashes just like your hair or brows go through a natural growth cycle so you will experience fall out while new lashes start to grow in. This is when you will start to notice gapping in your lashes. Depending on how long it’s been since your initial lash appointment and how much fall out you have you will then come in for a 2 week or 3 week fill. If you only have a little fall out a 2 week fill should meet your needs but if you have significant gaping/fall out in your lashes it’s best to come in for a 3 week fill. If you have little to no lashes left at all and it has been more than 4 weeks since your first visit it is best to start over with a fresh set of lashes. The more time we have, the more lashes we are able to apply.


*Please Note: Lash Clients are responsible for booking the appropriate fill based on the condition their lashes are in. We are not responsible for appointments that are underbooked based on the amount of fallout at the time of your service. However, we will fill them in to the best of our ability with the time that we have allotted but can’t guarantee optimal results. If your lashes were applied somewhere other than Bow & Arrow your first appointment will always be booked as a full set.


*Please arrive with no mascara to your appointment. ( we can remove your mascara at the time of your service but since your lashes will be wet we can’t guarantee the longevity of your lashes and it will cut into your appointment time.)


Makeup services

Event Makeup 

Take the stress out of getting ready and let us do the work for you. Whether it’s a night on the town or you have a big event to attend we will make sure you are camera ready to take the perfect selfie. From a smokey eye to the perfect pout. We have all your beauty needs covered.

Eye Makeup

Need a little extra help playing up your eyes? Don’t bat a lash and let us help to make those peepers pop! A classic cat eye? Smoked out and sexy? Let us build a you a beautiful look that’s best for you!

Bridal Consult

Getting married and haven’t got a clue how you want to look on your special day? Look no further. We will help work with you to give you the bridal look you’ve always dreamed of.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Party

Getting married can be stressful. Let us help you and your wedding party look their very best on your special day.

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