Model Project


We are thrilled to have an apprentice program in place for new hairstylists that join our team at Bow & Arrow. Kellyn works directly with each hairstylist as they apprentice at our salon to grow their skills. Since this requires live models to work on (instead of plastic heads) we have set up a Model Project. B&A Model Project is designed to help our hair apprentice’s perfect their craft and learn new techniques on people like you.


Rachel, our newest addition to Bow & Arrow is a licensed hairstylist that has been in the industry for many years. She is learning one-on-one with Kellyn and we are starting to book her hair models to continue her training.


B&A Model Project provides free haircuts and styles, and hair color at a small product fee. If you have the appropriate hair type and willing to be a model please email us to inquire about the next model day.

Email: Subject line: Model Project


Models are needed for haircuts, hair styling, and hair color.

Visit our page for details on what appointments will be offered:




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