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Hi Everyone! I am so excited to share the amazing things that I have learned this year by traveling and taking multiple classes on the latest trends and advanced techniques. I have spent over a dozen days so far this year learning so that you are getting the most up to date hair color, cuts, and styles! I have taken multiple classes on balayage, became an educator with Davines color, and have advanced certifications from The Business of Balayage.

I have needed to adjust a few things on my service menu because I have learned that I always need to do a gloss after a highlight foil or balayage. It should be looked at as a “top coat” of a manicure and seals the hair with tone, shine, and moisture. It is no longer an “add-on” option. Now, every foil or balayage will have some sort of gloss used after the service. Because of this change, I have actually dropped the gloss add-on price from 35 and incorporated the old foil or balayage price to be an additional 25 instead of the 35.
This is not a price increase, just an adjustment to the option as an “add-on”. The gloss will now be included in the hair color price. No other pricing has been changed. Olaplex, blowdry and haircuts are still the same charge.




The advanced techniques I use for hair color, foiling, and balayage help to make your visits low maintenance. Your average foil touch up should be 8-10 weeks, the average balayage touch up should be 4-6 months. Grey coverage is based on the amount of grey around 4-6 weeks. I suggest booking a touch up for grey’s 2-3 times before needing to add foils or highlights back to the hair.

Because I have a lot of new questions on what to do for a maintenance schedule, I have put together a few options. The new techniques have significantly lessened the maintenance for most of my clients the last few years. Here are a few rebooking examples for color and cut:

Foiling Maintenance:
1: Full and style
2: (4-6 weeks from option 1) Gloss and haircut
3: (4-6 weeks from option 2 or 8-12 weeks from option 1) Partial and style
4: (4-6 weeks from option 3) Gloss and haircut
5: (4-6 weeks from option 4 or 8-12 weeks from option 3) Partial and style
6: (4-6 weeks from option 5) Gloss and Haircut
7: Full and style
(start the process over again)
*style and haircut can be swapped out in this example.

Low maintenance hair color and cut – 3 visits a year
1: Full balayage and haircut
2: (4 months) Partial balayage and haircut
3: (4 months) Partial balayage and haircut

Low maintenance hair color and high maintenance haircut, you can book them separate:
Color: 3 visits a year, 4 month maintenance
Cut: 6 visits a year, 2 month maintenance

Please check out the updated menu of services with the gloss included at:

Please reach out if you want any help with booking your new low maintenance schedule!
If you are looking for an affordable way to incorporate depth or lightness to your hair and want to “try-on” balayage or signature pieces or only need a “few” pieces addded on to your hair color, there is an option now for “face framing” highlights as a less charge than a partial when added to a retouch.

Stay Well,
Kellyn 🙂

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