Perfect Brows Everyday

Have you been on a brow journey? I know most people will say, yes! We all have had a different experience with loving/hating our brows. One thing is for sure, when you love your brows, you do feel better about yourself. Just like having the right at home care for your hair and skin regimen, you also need the right products for your brows at home!


Why we love The BrowGal Skinny brow pencil.

The BrowGal Skinny eyebrow pencil was developed by celebrity brow artist, Tonya Crooks.

It Has 6 custom blended shades to match every hair color & emulates the look of real hair.

Their pencils are broken up in to two categories:
Shades 1,4,5 are neutral tones
Shades 2,4,6 are warm tones

Great for travel and user friendly. It even has a built in sharpener right on the cap and a brush on the other end to help comb and smooth out the brows.

The pencil glides on smooth and makes giving yourself a perfectly defined arch seem effortless.

Meghan’s tips

For people with darker brows:

  • I always recommend going a shade lighter rather than doing an exact match to avoid having the brows appear too harsh.

For the finishing touches:

  • I like to top them off with The Brow Gal eyebrow gel.
    The Brow gel is water resistant, so it’s great for people who are active or are going out! It will help to seal everything in place and not budge.

A must:

  • Always make sure your pencil is sharpened. That way you always get the perfect shape.


Just remember, at home products are everything! When you book your next brow appointment, I will show you how to use these amazing products and how to get the same look at home. Hope to see you soon for your next brow appointment!


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