#selfcaresundays at Bow & Arrow!


Our physical body is a remarkable indicator of what’s going on with our emotional health. Stress from work and relationships, the quality of our air and water, and our continual exposure to radiation from electronics such as cell phones and computer monitors are just a few examples of the ways our energy fields can be negatively impacted. This unresolved energy can create blockages in our bodies, manifesting itself in the form of physical ailments, sleep problems and emotional issues.

For centuries, people have turned to energy healing to clear these blockages and stimulate energy flow in and around our bodies. This restores balance, enabling our bodies to heal themselves. Energy healing encompasses hundreds of modalities, including crystal therapy, Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, tapping and even yoga, to name just a few.

While there are many natural ways to restore your energy flow to the optimal balance, in my sessions at Bow & Arrow, I rely primarily on sound, crystal therapy and Reiki (and, of course, divine guidance for what each client needs). The combination of these modalities is an effective way to gently open your energy centers enabling the energy in your body to flow freely, facilitating feelings of calmness and happiness. Energy healing treats your body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects, such as relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

I am passionate about using energy healing to empower clients to release the feelings and life experiences that are holding them back. In addition to creating an energetic balance, my goal for the session is to help each client tap into their own inner resources for energy healing, as every person holds the ability to heal themselves.

Energy healing is the ultimate form of self-care. To book a Sunday session with me, please visit www.vagaro.com/bowandarrow



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