Why Balayage?

When it comes to balayage looks, everyone loves them! However, not every natural hair color can achieve the desired look they are seeking with the balayage technique. Balayage is a technique that can be used a few different ways.

Why balayage? Natural and low maintenance!

Balayage is the best technique to create a natural lived-in color. Key words you will hear us use when it comes to balayage:

Open air balayage:

  • It is a natural look
  • Gives an overall sun-kissed look
  • Keeps depth in the hair
  • Seamless grow out
  • It can get lighter over time
  • Can be used for lightness and depth
  • Highlights are painted on the hair in singles, v’s, or w’s (this is
  • Painted signature pieces are considered a lowlight
  • Brighter around the face and ends
  • Usually is a warm tone

Faux balayage:

  • Can get a little more lift than open air
  • Uses a heat source like a foil or saran wrap to encapsulate the heat
  • Can create a lighter look than open air
  • Can create a cooler tone than open air

Hair painting:

  • Full surface hair painting to create an overall lighter look
  • Can be used with open air or with a heat source like saran wrap
  • Keeps some depth, but not as much as a traditional balayage placement
  • Low maintenance like balayage, but used when converting a traditional foil
  • A true overall “sun-kissed” look
  • Usually creates a warm tone all over

Reverse balayage:

  • Technique used when depth is needed
  • Adds dimension back to overly blonde hair
  • Sometimes needed when transitioning from a foil to balayage

What to expect:

  • Touch-ups as little or as much as wanted – sometimes even once a year!
  • Blends grey
  • No harsh lines
  • May want a gloss to keep the color fresh every 8 weeks
  • Can keep going lighter with each visit
  • Usually takes many appointments to achieve maximum lightness or cool tone
  • Beautiful, sun-kissed hair


This is open air balayage created by @kellynloveshair at Bow & Arrow
Balayage on Brown hair – (Brunette balayage isn’t blonde)
First time balayage highlight on natural, virgin hair – using hair painting balayage technique
Depth added back through over lightened blonde hair – This is a reverse balayage technique with all signature pieces lowlights
This is a foil conversion using balayage hair painting and signature pieces to break up the foil lines and add some depth
This is a balayage highlight grown out – glossed after 4 months to keep fresh
This is a a balayage highlight (done for a few years) and is touched up once every 4 month

Our hairstylist’s Kellyn and Jenny are both certified with The Business of Balayage in essentials and advanced classes. Kellyn is also an independent educator with The Business of Balayage and is an expert at all hair color.


All of these pictures are done by her and you can find more of her work on her instagram: @kellynloveshair

Check out our other color specialist: @jennyballantynehair


Come check out our specialists in color and balayage at Bow & Arrow!

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