10 Golden Rules to Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a big time saver for the busy client who is hard working, but likes to be a weekend warrior at the same time. They will keep you looking and feeling good for an extended period of time.

Even if you have little to no beauty routine at all, lashes are an instant confidence booster. They are also a replacement for mascara, which is most women’s desert island product of choice.

Consumers want a product that reduces the amount of time it takes for them to get ready in the morning, so lash extensions fill a very specific need. They are great for active and athletic people, non makeup wearers, or glamour junkies. There are all different types of lash looks to fit each individuals needs.


10 golden rules to lash extensions
Getting lash extensions are a great way to cut out time in your daily beauty routine, but it does require some commitment & special care.

  1. Have patience! A full set of lash extensions typically takes about two hours to apply. This is because the lashes are applied one at a time to the natural lash with a semi-permanent glue. Think of it as a lash nap! Catch some Zzzs and wake up looking better than ever!
  2. Don’t shower! Yes, that’s right I said it! Well, at least not for 24hrs. This way the lash adhesive has time to properly dry.
  3. Clean your lashes every night! Once you’ve made it past the 24hr. mark. It’s important to clean your lashes every night so that oil or makeup build up doesn’t break down the lashes. We recommend using crysanthe. *We provide our clients with a cleanser to take home that we will refill for you as needed while supplies last.
  4. Don’t forget pillowetts! Pillowetts are best to use when cleansing your lashes because they are lint free & can be found at your local drug store. Using cotton swabs or q-tips can leave behind cotton fibers in your lashes and that’s that’s no good.
  5. Avoid oil based facial cleansers and heavy greasy eye creams. Anything oily or greasy around the eye area can break down the lash adhesive.
  6. Blow off steam! Don’t take super hot showers or face directly into the shower head and avoid things like hot tubs, saunas, humidifiers & hot yoga.
  7. No mascara needed! Lash extensions replace the need to wear any mascara. If you do wear mascara with lash extensions, it can make your lashes look clumpy and can potentially rip out and damage your lash extensions when you apply it. *If you absolutely insist & cant go without just tip the very ends only & only when you absolutely need it. (Ex. right before a fill for an event).
  8. Brush n fluff! Sometimes when we first wake up our lashes are a little out of place. Use a clean mascara wand to gently brush your lashes to get them back in order. Make sure you brush them mid length to ends and not root to end so you don’t risk damaging them.
  9. Stay consistent with fills! This is key! It is recommended that you come back every two to three weeks for a lash fill to help maintain the look. If it’s only been two weeks, but you’ve experienced extra fall out there’s no harm in booking yourself a three week fill instead. Our fills are based on time, so the more time that is booked, the more lashes you’ll get! 3 week fills doesn’t mean 3 weeks necessarily in our lash world.
  10. Enjoy them! Show them off & be the envy of all your friends! If you follow these easy steps your lash extensions will make looking good look and feel effortless with little to no makeup at all!




Come in and enjoy your lash nap with me at Bow & Arrow!

See you soon,


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