Getting Started with Crystals

3 Easy Ways to Get Started with Crystals


The one question that I get asked most often is, “How do I get started with crystals?” While there are a number of ways to incorporate crystals into your life, below are three simple ways to begin.

1. Choose crystals you’re drawn to. Oftentimes, you’ll be drawn to a crystal with the energy and healing properties you need, so don’t worry about learning everything about a crystal’s healing properties before purchasing one or deciding which to work with first. Trust your intuition. There is a general understanding in the crystal world that “you don’t pick the crystal, the crystal picks you.” 

If you are truly overwhelmed, try starting with some gentle stones in the quartz family, like rose quartz, citrine or amethyst.

2. Start with just one crystal. It may be tempting to carry a small bag of crystals around with you everywhere you go, but if you’re just getting started, work with the same one crystal for a few days. My teacher, Hibiscus Moon, suggests meditating with the same crystal for 5-15 minutes (the longer the better) for four days. During these four days, be aware of any messages and feelings that come through during your meditation. Don’t meditate? No worries – just sit and relax with a crystal in your hand and keep it with you over the course of the four-day period – in your pocket, on your desk at work, your bedside table at night…you get the idea. 

After the four-day period is over, try doing the same thing with a different crystal to determine what effect it will have on you. Is it relaxing or energizing, does it help you sleep better, or maybe its peaceful vibe offers stress relief? Each crystal’s energy will be different. When you understand what each crystal does, choose one each morning to carry with you depending on your intention or what you need that day.

3. Keep crystals in your home and/or work space. Not only are crystals aesthetically pleasing, they can also bring the right type of vibe to any room they in which they are kept. For instance, amethyst carries immense power to rid spaces of negative energy, making them a great stone to use in any room in your house. Citrine is great for manifesting abundance and prosperity – a perfect stone to keep in your office. Keep black tourmaline next to your cell phone or computer monitor to repel electromagnetic smog; turquoise in your car to protect from physical injury; smoky quartz near your bed to alleviate the stresses of the day…there is a crystal for just about everything.


There are many other ways to work with crystals including wearing crystal jewelry, creating crystal grids and elixirs, and using crystals to balance your chakras like I do in my Energy Sessions at Bow & Arrow, to name just a few.

So let your intuition be your guide and get those good vibes flowing!



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