Tuning into Messages from The Universe

Tuning into Messages from The Universe

“Tune into the creative energy of the Universe & you’ll experience wildly awesome synchronicity.” – Gabby Bernstein

If you’re a fan of Gabby Bernstein, you may have heard her speak about her “sign” from the Universe. Whenever Gabby needs a sign that she is on the right path, she asks the Universe to send her an owl. This doesn’t need to be an actual owl – sometimes it’s a picture of an owl, a gift card with an owl on the faceplate, even a bumper sticker with an owl. When she sees the owl, she interprets its presence as receiving divine guidance.

After hearing Gabby speak about this, I decided to try it on my own. I asked the Universe to show me butterflies in moments when I’m on the right path. It was a strange thing for me to pick. I’ve never really had any attachment or special interest in butterflies – it was just the first thing that came to mind.

Within a week of asking for my new sign, I was in the healing room at Bow & Arrow working on a client. While doing Reiki, I looked up and saw that Kellyn had added a new picture to the cabinet in the healing room – a butterfly. I smiled, thinking this was the Universe’s way of showing me that healing is my path.

A couple weeks later, I was in St. John celebrating my birthday. From the moment I arrived, I saw signs everywhere we went:

  • A butterfly notepad in the rental house.
  • A gorgeous orange butterfly visited me at the pool the morning of my birthday. It came back later that day with a second butterfly.
  • During a day trip to the British Virgin Islands, I encountered a wall of butterflies at Peter Island Resort.
  • My Instagram feed was full of butterflies the entire week – even stamped into a burger bun at Mariposa restaurant in Sedona, one of my favorite places.

Birthday butterfly in St. John

But the most special butterfly moment of the trip was when I was walking down to a private beach through a wooded path. I was by myself – the rest of the group was still at the house – and a black butterfly flew in front of me and “led” me down the path to the beach. I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to capture the moment, but it was one that I couldn’t believe. It was just too perfect of a moment.

I have said many times that I’d like to someday move to St. John. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Universe was telling me that St. John is my path because I do not believe in coincidences. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I will trust that the Universe has my back and will continue to look for signs to reaffirm that I’m on the right path.

Interested in asking the Universe for a sign? Gabby has a few suggestions:

  • Be specific. Asking the Universe to show you something like “sunshine” is too broad. Get specific about what you want to see – 11:11 on the clock, a yellow car, a lady bug…the more specific, the more certain you can be that it’s a true sign from the Universe. Maybe it’s not something you see; perhaps it’s a song that doesn’t play often or a specific band.
  • Ask for clear direction. Make sure you ask the Universe to send you the sign when you need it. For example, send me a feather when I’m on the right path.
  • Accept when you don’t see your sign. Know that when you do not get your sign, you are being redirected to something better for you and all involved.
  • Try not to control the outcome. If you are trying to see a blue jay, and a robin lands on your deck, that is not your sign. Be patient and wait for the blue jay!

When you start to see your signs from the Universe, you will understand how easy it is to co-create your destiny and experience “wildly awesome synchronicity.”





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