New Wash Journey

I was so excited to finally get my hands on a bottle of New Wash by HAIRSTORY. If you haven’t heard, New Wash is the NEW way to clean hair. It is best describes as a cleansing conditioner that uses aloe and essential oils (instead of detergents) to clean your hair and scalp!


The reviews by our own Bow & Arrow clients were nothing short of AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING!!! So naturally, I was expecting the same. You can imagine my disappointment when it wasn’t love at first wash. I’m going to be honest here… my hair felt heavy. It was BLAH. I was super bummed out, and confused!! But I am not a quitter! Plus, I was still completely envious of all of our clients raving about how New Wash transformed their hair. I wanted that too!

I decided to give it another shot! If you remember from my last blog post, I tend to only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, MAX! That, coupled with the fact that I have a ton of thick, wavy hair, led me to the idea that maybe I should try washing it two times in the shower. I often times would do this with detergent type shampoos. The first wash lifted all of the dirt, oils and product buildup off of my scalp and hair. And the second wash rinsed all of that away. This has made all of the difference for me!!! My scalp and hair ARE transformed. My hair hasn’t changed in the sense that it is a totally different hair type or texture… it is still my hair. BUT IT IS BETTER!!! When I let it air dry, my wave is more defined with less frizz. And my blowouts and beachy waves look better and last days longer! My dry and flaking scalp is also a thing of the past!

I am not saying that everyone needs to wash twice… but I am saying that everyone should try New Wash!! And don’t give up on it until you find what works best for you! I promise, you won’t regret it.

Jenny 🙂

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