My wellness journey


I have been turning towards a natural and homeopathic lifestyle over the last few years.  My wellness journey started when I realized food was negatively affecting my body at a young age. My whole life I was chasing a treatment or fix for issues that I was dealing with since childhood. Most of my problems were digestion and gut related, but other issues started to pop up as well in my 20s. I was treated with prescriptions my whole life until I decided to change things when I started college.

Prescription medications weren’t even working anyway! I finally had enough. They only helped for a short time in the beginning, and then I would have to increase the dosage for them to continue to help. I was taking 4x the regular prescribed amount at one point and had a huge wake-up call! This led me down a path of exploring alternatives to prescription medicine. I still remember when I started exercising in college and going cold turkey off medication. It hasn’t been a straight and narrow path, because lets face it, the 20s bring a lot of self discovery. But, I remember when I finally started eating gluten-free, then dairy-free soon followed, and my body started feeling “better.” I started to realize that food was the culprit to many of my issues!

Along came the Whole 30.  A wonderful client, Amanda Dargie, had introduced me to this amazing book! If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and read it. Reading “Why food matters” and learning about each food group is what finally clicked with me.

I tried the Whole 30 and never looked back. I now have adapted a paleo diet because that is what works the best for me and my body. Food affects not only my insides, but my outside skin and appearance as well. My skin stopped breaking out and my lifetime issue with inconsistent weight, hasn’t been an issue since.

It has been almost 2 years since I started a health journey with paleo eating. I also can’t tell you how extremely grateful I am because every alignment that I thought was “normal issues” has gone away as well. Things like joint pain, tendonitis, and arthritis, IBS and digestion issues, acid reflux, headaches, inconsistent sleep patterns, seasonal allergies, sinus issues, foggy memory,  easily distracted, irritability, mild anxiety, and I’m sure I could keep adding to this list if I really wanted to, all are gone! I had a misconception that those are things that are normal because so many other people in my life deals with these things on a frequent basis. I had no clue that by changing my diet and controlling what goes in my body would not just change my health, but actually become my medicine for my ailments.

I know that I am extremely sensitive to all food groups.  I have now changed my relationship with food and what I put in my body. I don’t look at food as if I am missing out on anything or punishing myself, I look at food as nourishment. For me, food is my medicine or my poison. I don’t need any other medicine now, (besides my young living essential oils, I’ll save that for my next post!) and that I am truly grateful for. I choose health. How empowering is that!

I am excited to share more as I continue my wellness journey.




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