Self-Care Post Energy Work

Self-Care Following Your High-Vibe Energy Work


You’ve probably heard the saying, “energy is everything.” From the bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter to the grass outside your front door – pure energy. The cool thing about energy is that it’s constantly moving, vibrating and shifting into various forms. The energy that makes up your body is no exception – when your energy is vibrating at a lower frequency, you’re slow and sluggish. When it’s vibin’ high, you feel great.

During my energy sessions at Bow & Arrow, I introduce your body to higher frequencies through the powerful, yet gentle combo of crystals and Reiki. When the high frequencies of these healing modalities come together with your body’s own energy, the lower one will rise to meet the higher (this is called the principle of resonance). And when you raise the vibration of the energy in your body, your life becomes more positive and more fulfilling because you’re operating at a higher frequency.

But just as important as the work that happens during the session is the post-session regimen I recommend clients use in the weeks following to flush their systems of lower frequencies and replace them with higher ones.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: It’s important to stay hydrated after energy work to help your kidneys and other organs process everything that was released. You’ll receive an amethyst gem water following your Bow & Arrow healing, but it’s a good idea to keep flushing your system throughout the week for optimal results.

2. Reach for Fruits: According to Dr. Amberleigh Carter, eating fruit after an energy session will help support energy levels, metabolism and the detoxification of anything of a lower vibration since organic fruit is of a higher vibration than what you’re releasing.

Note: It’s always a good idea to eat high-vibe foods – not only after an energy session. Here’s a great article on high vs. low vibrational foods, including a sample list of each:

3. Take an Epsom Salt Bath: Epsom salts help with cleansing and detoxification. In addition, the salts contain a crystalline structure, which helps with crystallizing the new frequencies within the physical structure of your body after an energy session (helping them to “stick”). Epsom salts also alleviate any soreness or aches, which the physical body can sometimes experience when it begins to embody higher frequencies and releases lower ones. It also lowers adrenaline and stress hormones as you’re shifting to a higher frequency.

We recommend Captain Blankenship’s line of bath salts sold at Bow & Arrow. We are all stocked up on Orla (an uplifting blend to use as you shift frequencies to a place of joy), Sky Dancer (very calming; great for reflecting after your session) and Rusalka (great for clearing sinus pathways, helping congestion and relieving headaches).


Ready to shed that old energy and bring more joy into your life? Book your high-vibe session at!


See you soon!


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