Why I Love Blondes

Why I love blondes

I love specializing in blondes because of all the different tones you can create and customize. From ashy to neutral to warm, everyone sees color differently and learning how to acquire and apply what the client wants makes it so versatile!

Saving the integrity of the hair while creating blondes is so important. I always use olaplex or brazilian bond builder (b3) to protect the hair. Being able to give someone the lightness they’re looking for and keeping those healthy ends is so crucial. Healthy hair comes first!

Dimension is another reason I love blondes. Looking at your result and seeing that shimmer of different tones and lightness is so beautiful. Creating dimension in any color is unique and allows each client to be different.

I love how many techniques there are for blonding. Balayage has really taken off in the hair world, but foils are still necessary especially to be super bright! Going to classes and continuing education to stay updated is so important and something I really enjoy doing.

Going blonde is a process. You have to take necessary steps and be patient to achieve the lightness you’re looking for, and that’s why I love it! It’s hard to achieve and rewarding, so getting to the perfect blonde is an accomplishment!

Blondes are so much fun to create and are just one of many things I’m passionate about!


Come see me at Bow & Arrow for your blonde journey. See you soon!


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