Natural Believable Hair


If you spend any amount of time in the salon (or even out of the salon!!) with me, you will hear me say those three words quite often.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to natural color palettes. My own personal style in how I dress, my makeup choices or even how I’ve furnished and styled my home reflects that.  I am not that LOUD and out there personality.  I am for sure more even keeled and neutral.  I do, however, have an opinion and a voice…and am NOT afraid to use it. Why am I telling you this you might be asking..? I guess, because I don’t want people to confuse natural and subtle hair with boring.  It is anything but. It is actually the exact opposite in my opinion! For me, there is something so beautiful about recreating those natural tones that you see in a child’s hair. Or those little sun kissed pieces that appear when you spend time out in the sun. THIS hair is loud without saying anything at all. 😉


I love love love creating this soft, subtle color palette that is completely customized for each client. When a client sits down in my chair, I not only look at their hair, I am looking at their skin tone and eye color as well. This all comes into play when customizing their color.

And, I think it is safe to say that the majority of us girls want our hair to be LOW MAINTENANCE! Am I right? Luckily, this trend of ‘lived in’ hair color has stuck around for awhile… (and I hope doesn’t ever leave!!). Soft, subtle, believable color is just that… LOW MAINTENANCE! and nothing makes me happier. Creating a look that compliments, and even enhances my clients features.. giving them that believable look is everything for me. This does not mean that I think you can only have the hair color or tones you were born with. NO WAY!! But it does mean that what I will create for you, will make you LOOK like you were born with that hair!!!



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