A Clear Space Equals a Clear Mind

As we enter into the last month of summer or as one of my clients recently referred to it as the Sunday of summer. We slowly begin to focus on the coming of fall. For many people this means back to school shopping or making some room in your closet for a new fall wardrobe. It could even mean moving somewhere different or starting a new career or job endeavor.

Whatever the case may be, we are now going through a transitional period where we are in between these two phases. Still trying to soak up and enjoy every last bit of that summer sun and get in all those last minute weekend getaways or beach days while we can. While at the same time preparing for the inevitable change in seasons.

As we prepare for change we usually go through a purging period. Feeling the need to declutter and get rid of unwanted things to allow for new things. Clearing out our space has many different benefits and can be very helpful to our mind, body, and soul.

When you look around your house what do you see? Are there piles of laundry everywhere, an overflowing dish rack or washer, toys scattered all over the floor, a messy closet that you’ve been meaning to clean out? Just the sheer thought of your own to-do lists can be mentally exhausting and overwhelming to us.

Homes with cluttered spaces or unfinished projects can be the cause of added stress anxiety, depression, and even fatigue. This in turn affects our mood, sleep habits, and health.

Clutter is stressful for the brain! It’s super distracting and can effect your ability to focus. A clearer space equals a clearer mind.

So where do we begin? It’s important to start setting short term goals for yourself and come up with a plan. Instead of focusing on everything all at once try tackling one project or space at a time.

Here is the easiest way to break it down.
Think S.P.A.C.E.

Sort: Start by gathering similar items together. For ex: how many black dresses do you really need?

Purge: If you tend to only wear the same three dresses all the time and you have ten of them maybe it’s time to get rid of or donate the six that you no longer wear.

If you are anything like me, you are a creature of habit and tend to buy similar clothing items over and over again with only one slight difference about each of them.

Assign: put your items in a designated location. ideally one that coordinates with where they will be used. For example: if you are organizing some shelves in a bathroom, maybe put all your hair care items in one shelf & skin care on another.

Contain: Bed Bath and Beyond, Target & the container store have great things like drawer organizers and bathroom caddies to help keep your items designated to one place. This way it’s easier to find things and no where they are. Not to mention time saving.

Equalize: Check yo’self! As your lifestyle and taste changes it’s always good to go back and look over everything and make sure there is still a need for certain things in your life. If not … you know what to do!

Letting go of things can sometimes be hard and the thought of starting a project like this can seem like an anxiety attack just waiting to happen. But it doesn’t have to be.

Just remember that you are not trying to live up to anyone’s standards but your own. It’s your space so make it yours.It doesn’t have to look like a magazine! There is no perfect way but your way, and before you know it… you’ll be sleeping easier, feel more energized and be much less stressed. Allowing you to focus more on the things that matter.

You’ll have more you time and will be able to transition into fall or whatever change or transformation you may be going through with a much clearer path!

As always, take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you at Bow & Arrow! ✌🏻




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