My Journey to Bow & Arrow (an open letter)

My journey to Bow & Arrow

Having a job that I love and can call my passion used to seem impractical. Finding Bow & Arrow turned that around for me.

I met Jill & Kellyn about a year before they opened bow and arrow. We kept our friendship over the years which led to me watch them create their dream of opening their own space in the neighborhood. I was so happy for them especially when I attended their opening party, and continued to give them my support through their change. For me, I didn’t really think change was obtainable. I never knew I would be able to work somewhere with individuals who actually love and embrace their passion as their job. This was a dream for me and something I didn’t believe could be reality,
I don’t know why it seemed so impossible, but I guess that really shows how I was feeling back then.

Thankfully, one day I realized I needed to change things. I needed to make the move and choose to be happy and grow in my career. First I came in and shadowed Kellyn for a day. I watched her with her clients and discovered the positivity and passion that lives in Bow and Arrow. It was all I needed to make my decision!

Kellyn has taught me how important education is and that we are all constantly learning and growing as stylists. Watching her and Jill as business leaders has been so inspiring and makes me so happy to call them my bosses. I’m so proud to be part of Bow & Arrow and can confidently say I’ve found my tribe with these incredible ladies!


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