What is a Root Shadow or Smudge?

What is a root smudge? and why it’s my favorite color service….

One of my favorite color services to customize for clients behind the chair is a ‘root smudge’. I like to describe this as a softening or muting of the root area with a darker color. If you are in my chair, and receiving hi lights or balayage from me… I can pretty much guarantee that you will be getting a root smudge.
Why do I love it?! In a nutshell, because it makes the freshly done color look softer and just a touch more natural. (And you all know how I LOVE natural hair color!!)

I can best compare it to a child’s sun kissed hair. Have you ever looked at a child’s hair after a long, sun soaked summer?? Their hair is perfectly highlighted, but it is soft at the root. And you almost can’t tell where the brighter pieces begin. They don’t have roots!!! Think about it.

THIS is the look I love to recreate. And this, paired with detailed and advanced foiling and balayage techniques help me complete this look.

Another fantastic opportunity to use a root smudge is in between appointments to stretch your balayage or foils a little bit longer. We all want to become a little less hi-maintenance, right? But we still want to look our best every step of the way. Many of my clients have gotten into the routine of coming in mid way between color appointments and freshening up their color and softening any root or transition area. Basically, that area where your lighter pieces begin.
This not only brings new life to the color, but it can give your look a little more longevity in between appointments!! It is also the perfect opportunity to include a bond builder (Olaplex or B3) in this color appointment to keep your hair as healthy as possible!! It is the perfect combination !! ✌🏻

At Bow & Arrow, we recommend a “gloss” every 6-8 weeks in between your balayage service to ensure your color stays fresh and your root is re-smudged. Try it out, you’ll love it!

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