Healthy Hair Journey

My healthy hair journey


Being a stylist, keeping the integrity of a client’s hair always comes first. I realized I needed to do this for myself also. Two products that have completely transformed my hair are New Wash and Olaplex.


New wash has given my hair major growth! When I first started working at Bow & Arrow I never wore my hair down because I absolutely hated it. I hated how damaged it was and was so self conscious of it. After three months of being on new wash my hair has transformed. I’ve never seen so much growth from a product in my life.


Secondly – the amazing Olaplex. Being a blonde, breakage is always going to happen. It happens for everyone but blondes are so much more prone to it. Every week I do an olaplex treatment at home with the step 3 treatment. Olaplex rebuilds bonds in the hair and is unlike any other hair treatment! The ends of my hair feel conditioned and healthy. I can’t remember the last time my hair looked like this. It has completely saved me, while being able to stay blonde.

After a few months of this duo my hair is full, long, and healthy again. I finally feel comfortable wearing it down!


New Wash, Olaplex, and keeping up with haircuts are absolute magic for anyone’s hair. Being able to give this to my clients is so rewarding. Everyone should have hair this healthy!

Come see me at Bow & Arrow in the North End for your healthy hair journey!


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