Balayage 101


Balayage is a favorite of ours at Bow & Arrow! I love it so much that I actually educate on the technique to other stylists around the country.

If you are a client looking to get balayage done and you are wondering why you should switch over to the technique, or wondering if it would be a good choice for you, here are some good things to know why to choose balayage.

Balayage is low maintenance and on-trend. It is a technique that creates a lived-in look and over time can become lighter. The technique is soft and sun-kissed on natural virgin hair, but can also add depth back to over processed highlighted hair. The beauty of balayage is that it is different on every client and works with your own hair color.

Not every look you see as an inspiration will be how your hair color turns out with this technique. A few things to keep in consideration when you are thinking of choosing balayage are:

Easy Grow-Out

Traditional foil highlights have a tendency to look uniform no matter how they are placed in the hair and the product is saturated through the section being secured within the foil. These factors can contribute to a heavier color saturation, which in turn, contribute to a more visible grow-out.


Balayage is a visual technique that allows you to paint the haircut. This help to emphasize the shape and texture of the hair design.

Sun-kissed look

This technique is inspired by nature. Color works with your own natural hair color to create a sun-kissed effect, think of color that we see in children. It is natural looking and works well with everyone because it is lifting your natural color, like when you were a kid.


If you have never colored your hair, we recommend you start with balayage to get a very natural color. It helps to enhance your natural hair color, so it’s a great place to start for newbies. If you have colored your hair in the past, it may take a few appointments to achieve a balayage look, but it is possible to get there. Just be patient with the process because every hair color is different depending on your own natural hair color. Desired results may take a few appointments, but will be worth it! Once you understand the ease of balayage, you will never go back!

See you soon!


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