How to Program Your Crystals in 3 Easy Steps

IMG_7807You’ve bought some new crystals and you’re excited to take your shiny babies home. The way they glisten and glimmer, the intricate patterns…you are amazed that these are natural creations of Mother Earth. But you’re left wondering, “Now what?”

As a certified crystal healer, I’m often asked how to get started with crystals. Once you’ve selected your crystals (more on that here), to begin working with them, they will need to be programmed. Don’t fret – programming your crystals is not as complicated as it sounds. It’s simply the act of intentionally directing a crystal’s energy to work with you for your chosen purpose.

Everyone’s purpose will be different. Did you choose your crystals to bring wealth and abundance? Or maybe it was to attract a romantic partner into your life. To aid with fertility treatments? The ways we can work with crystals is endless and is often a very personal experience.

While there are many ways to program your crystals, I’ve found this exercise to be both easy and powerful.


CLEANSE. Your crystals have traveled a long way before they’ve reached you. They have been touched by many people with many energies. Cleanse your crystals with sage to purify their energy. If you don’t have sage, you can simply run them under cool water for 30 seconds or so. Just be careful – not all crystals can get wet. A few common stones that can’t get wet include Angelite, Azurite, Calcite, Kyanite and Selenite (if you’re unsure, Google is your friend).

SET YOUR INTENTION. Make yourself comfortable in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Write an affirmation or intention and place the piece of paper in front of you. Place the crystals on top of the affirmation/intention.

VISUALIZE. Visualization is an incredibly powerful spiritual practice. Once you’ve set your intention, you’re going to place your hands over your crystals and close your eyes. Envision yourself pulling white light energy from the Universe into your crown chakra (the top of your head). Feel the energy move through your body and out of your hands into the stones. Visualize the stones glowing with white light and see the light surround your affirmation/intention. Allow the light collect energy from your affirmation/intention as if it were pulling the words right off the page. See this charged light surround your crystals and bathe them with the energy of your affirmation. Hold this image until the light fades to a soft glow.



Open your eyes and collect the stones. If your stones are small enough to carry with you, tuck them in a pouch or in your pockets. Use them to help remind you of your intention and maintain the energy needed to move forward. Meditate with them, sleep with them nearby (you can even tuck them into your pillowcase) and use them during full and new moon rituals.

Be sure to cleanse your crystals often, as they will pick up other people’s energy if you take them out of the house, especially if other people handle them. And don’t forget to charge them under the monthly full moon to restore their energy (leave them outside or near a window).

If you have questions about working with your crystals, feel free to reach out at or book a Sunday session with me at Bow & Arrow! I’d love to talk to you more about using crystal energy to manifest your goals. If you’re looking for new crystals to add to your collection, check out Moonlight + Sage Crystal Kits, which are curated around specific intentions, such as Rest + Sleep, Fertility + Pregnancy, and Abundance + Prosperity.

Crystal blessings!

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