The Team


About the Team

Kellyn, Co-Owner and Hairstylist


A life-long student, Kellyn has bold expectations for herself and others. She is fearless in gaining knowledge on the newest hair trends and techniques, while growing with the hair industry. As a team leader and educator, she is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge and techniques that grow their confidence.

Kellyn began her hair journey in 2005 at Aveda in Indiana. Seeing the shift happen in the industry, she followed her dreams and became a salon owner in 2014. She opened Bow & Arrow in Boston to bring high quality hairdressing, creative encouragement, and positive energy to service providers and clientele.

Hair color is her art. Kellyn loves to paint hair that looks natural and fluid, just as much as she loves vivid and bold colors. Kellyn’s ultimate goal is to create wearable hair for each client- vivid, blonde, or anything in between!

Our team describes her as enthusiastic, creative, passionate, supportive, authentic, risk taker, fun loving, dreamer, free spirit, and a leader. Kellyn loves inspiring people and being inspired by others!

Jill, Co-Owner and Esthetician 



Jill loves connecting with people. She loves to not just make people look great, but feel great. Every client that enters the room with Jill finds themselves instantly comfortable, calm, and relaxed. Jill is your go-to esthetician for your youthful skin. She is happy to bring an environment that is warm and cozy while you receive expert skincare advice, suggested at-home care, and result-driven services in the spa.

Jill is also a waxing professional that knows how to get the job done fast! If you want your hair removed fast and painless, she is your girl. Jill has been highly recommended to clients for years as an expert waxer along with her skincare credentials. She has been working the North End for over 10 years. If you are like her other loyal clientele, once you see Jill once, you will never stop. Jill has an authentic way to connect to people. Whatever your skincare or waxing goals are, Jill can make it happen. You might just gain your new best friend out of the deal.


Our team describes her as warm-hearted, compassionate, trusted, protective, loyal, genuine, comforting, and honest. Jill loves to connect to every single client and loves her family!


Jenny, Hairstylist


Jenny is the warm mama bear of Bow & Arrow. She is humble and grounded with a little bit of spice. She stays educated with all of the advanced trends and techniques to continue to deliver excellence to every client that is in her chair.

Jenny has been a stylist for over 15 years, but still finds each day fresh and exciting. She loves what she does and you can tell! Not only is Jenny committed to her own professional growth, but you will feel inspired for personal growth talking with her as well. She loves connecting to every client in the chair and doesn’t take the trust between her and her clients for granted. She not only cares for you, but cares for the whole experience you are receiving.

Jenny loves to create natural tones. She has a thing for beautiful healthy hair. If you are lucky enough to land on Jenny’s book, you will feel warm, relaxed, confident, and well taken care of.

Our team describes her as warm, talented, wise, cheerful, humble, witty, compassionate, grounded, and trustworthy. Jenny is committed to her family and her career!


Kayla, Hairstylist


Kayla is a motivated stylist that loves to continue her education on the newest trends. She is a focused hair colorist with a lot of energy! She surrounds herself with others that have a passion for life. She is dedicated to her career, health, and fitness. Feeling good inside and out is important to her and she loves to help others feel the same!

Kayla creates a unique look for every client that lands in her chair. She customizes everyone’s hair color and cut based on their lifestyle and maintenance. She loves to color blondes, balayage, and hair paint for natural looks. She loves to learn from motivated stylists and educators and stays inspired by others.

Our team describes her as vibrant, motivated, dedicated, friendly, and passionate. Kayla has a love for life and the hair industry!


Keri, Energy Worker


As a Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki practitioner, Keri is passionate about helping others restore balance in their own lives through the exploration of the metaphysical world.

Our team describes her as friendly, centered, spiritual, connective, guiding, and gentle natured. She is an entrepreneur that is full of love, light, and inspiration!

When she is not doing energy work at Bow & Arrow, you can find her making crystal healing products for her company Moonlight + Sage!