Shadowing. Thank you for your interest in shadowing at Bow & Arrow. Our goal is to share as much information with you as possible. Our shadowing program is a full day at the salon while you are observing how we run our business start to finish. We also offer one-on-one in-salon shadowing for each of our staff members if you are looking to learn from one person specifically, please let us know when you inquire.


Join Our Team. Shadowing is a requirement at Bow & Arrow before you join our team. We have a special bond with each other and our clients and offer a special experience. At Bow & Arrow we believe that beauty is more than skin deep, paying it forward, giving back to the community. We support each other and a creative atmosphere. We believe in a work-life balance. We surround ourselves with positive energy, thoughts, vibrations, conversations, and relationships. We love what we do. We offer exciting opportunities and encourage personal and professional self-growth. Our positive work environment is built on the mutual respect between each others craft, celebration of our goals, and contribution of the success of the salon. We love to build up, inspire, and empower women.

If you think you would be a great fit with us, please schedule a shadow day.


One-on-one. Kellyn also offers one-on-one coaching for stylists, salon owners, and educators, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs. Kellyn specializes in coaching, mentoring, and advising women in the hair industry and small businesses. Her knowledge of marketing, branding, and business can help give you the guidance you are looking for. She has helped coach independent educators, stylists, and small business owners in Boston as well as other cities. She offers one-on-one coaching on-site as well as on-line. Sometimes an outsiders perspective can help you find the missing link. If you are looking for advice to turn your brand around, getting started on a new business, or completely re-branding, she is ready to help. Kellyn specializes in coaching with her direct advice and a innovative mind.


To learn more, please email us at 



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