Dermalogica – Professional and retail products that redefine skin health


For more than 25 years, Dermalogica has been on a mission of skin health! Researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica products have been challenging the industry standards for product formulation and results since day one.

In 1986, a now-classic group of products including Dermal Clay Cleanser, Active Moist, Skin Smoothing Cream, Special Cleansing Gel and Multi-Active Toner proved that products could be formulated without a swathe of “accepted” staple ingredients known to cause skin irritation. They set the standard for the brand, and with each new treatment-specific system — AGE Smart®, MediBac Clearing®, UltraCalming™, Shave and more — Dermalogica continues to develop effective products that deliver results.

Then, as now, all of the products are manufactured in the USA, and Dermalogica is sold only where consultations and treatments are performed by professional skin therapists. Dermalogica has become the number one choice of skin care professionals worldwide, sold more than 80 countries and prescribed more often than any other skin health product available.
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